1. Apple continues to funnel in the money

    Apple continues to funnel in the money

    Apple at the market’s close on Thursday announced financial results for its fiscal 2020 first quarter that ended December 28, 2019, and included the lucrative holiday quarter. Unsurprisingly, it was another record-setting report for Apple.

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  2. 11 Best Websites where to look for deals and free samples

    11 Best Websites where to look for deals and free samples

    As the world becomes even more commercialized, an increasing amount of free stuff can be had through discount offers, recycling efforts and Internet loss leaders. Learning where to look for these deals and free samples can save you a significant amount of money on a variety of stuff. Below are the 31 best websites to check out for free stuff, although not in any particular order:

    1. Craigslist
    While Craigslist has a mixed reputation -- users need to use caution and common sense when interacting with total strangers -- it is also a great source of free stuff. As the phenomenon known as freecycling becomes increasingly popular, Craigslist can be a great resource for finding these offers. Freecycling is based on the idea that many people have used items that have remaining useful life but they are replacing those items anyway. Rather than throwing these items away, the owners offer them to the general public for free.


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  3. Fitness trackers and hybrid smartwatches by Withings

    Fitness trackers and hybrid smartwatches by Withings

    If you’re looking to buy the best activity tracker or hybrid smartwatch you want to make sure you find one that works with your life. All our fitness trackers and hybrid smartwatches help you meet your goals by tracking steps, runs, swim and sleep automatically and feature classic style that works for your workouts and for your everyday life.

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  4. Rollin Technologies to Launch Shop Online in Nigeria, on January 12th, 2020

    Rollin Technologies will offer the same collections as in-store, giving customers access to a wide range of IT products, (laptops, desktops, mobile phones, accessories etc.) including phone and laptop repairs services.

    Rollin Technologies launch will also debut its IT repair centers, available offline. The much anticipated online store brings Rollin’s customer view variety of products with a seasonal selection of products for everyone. Laptops, Desktops, Backpacks, Luggage Scale, Notebooks, Printers, Projectors, Smartboards, Mobile Phones and accessories and everything related to I.T will be available for purchase online. With the arrival of Rollin Technologies Online Store in Nigeria, customers will now have access to any IT products at the best price.

    "We are thrilled to launch our online store in Nigeria," says Niyi Animashaun, M.D for Rollin Technologies & Communications Ltd "This significant milestone fully rounds out Rollin’s multichannel offeri

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