WONDER WOMAN Waterproof Mobile SmartWatch

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WONDER WOMAN Waterproof Mobile SmartWatch
• Phone Calling  • Built-in Sim-Card Slot  • Built-in Camera 
• Receive & Display SMS & Notifications  • Games
• SOS Call button for emergency  • Color Touchscreen
• 400mAh Battery  • Alarm  • Set Reminders 
• Security  • Anti-Lost Function
•Save 3 SOS Contacts for Emergency Calls.

WONDER WOMAN offers a brand new and innovative Waterproof Mobile SmartWatch with Touchscreen & Bluetooth Technology. The Smartwatch has a built-in Mic, SIM slot, Micro-SD slot, camera & speaker. This mobile SmartWatch lets you stream music from bluetooth-enabled wireless devices such as smartphones or tablets and play songs wirelessly anywhere, for phone calling, pedometer for health monitoring & step monitoring, sleep monitoring, set reminders & Anti Lost Function. It has a 400mAh battery. There is also voice call support without smartphone connectivity thanks to the SIM support.

WONDER WOMAN Waterproof Mobile SmartWatch uses its own customized version of UI the TM Carepro+ App available in Play Store.

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